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Ever since I can remember, I have been writing and curating compelling stories that help make a difference. 

I have been professionally writing for over three years now. Have curated more than 100 internal articles for the multicultural organization I work for and have subsequently helped increase the reach and employee engagement within my organization. I love working with people across the globe and creating brand stories that matter. 

A thorough nerd, rank holder, linguist enthusiast and a strong media and communication professional who is here to help you with compelling content and is keen on exploring and experimenting with different means and styles of story telling.

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TCS Creates All-women Center in Saudi Arabia | TCS

Riyadh, one of the most populous cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), displays an interesting facet in its demographic dividend. Almost 60% of the city’s graduates are women, and yet, until very recently, they were conventionally employed in public sector and educational organizations. To provide these talented and highly skilled women new avenues for growth and development, Tata Consultancy Services Limited (TCS) in 2013 set about conceptualizing the world’s first ‘all-women’ Business P

Flexibility in the Workplace for Generation Next | TCS

In a very short time, the smartphone has become an all-encompassing, omnipresent device, making it easy for people to do everything on the move – from ordering their next meal to putting the finishing touches on work projects. Progressing in step with these devices is the next generation of tech professionals, who are not just comfortable with rapid technological evolution, but are also driving it. Having grown up with access to the instant feedback loop that mobile devices enable, these digita

Understanding appeal used in Kinder Joy’s advertisements using the methodologies of content analysis and focus group

The main objective behind this research is to analyse what kind of appeal do advertisements use to attract audiences and a case study of Kinder Joy would be studied to analyse this in depth. Focus group results would be the primary source to analyse the usage of appeal in Kinder Joy advertisements whereas their print and television advertisements would be the secondary sources used in order to analyse the usage of appeal in Kinder Joy’s advertisements. A descriptive case study is used to analys

Psychoanalytic film theory on “Teaspoon”

Psychoanalytic film theory is a type of approach which includes aspects of Sigmund Freud’s concepts such as Pleasure pain principal, Oedipus complex, Defense mechanism and others. He was a well-known Austrian neurologist and also the founder of psychoanalysis, which deals about why a person behaves in a certain way. In the year 1923, he published a book called, “The Ego and the Id”, which spoke about the nuances of, 'id, ‘ego’ and 'superego'. Id is related to instincts, Ego to the reality princi

CSR at Danfoss India | Danfoss

Danfoss India places high focus on being a responsible corporate citizen that helps the employees and the local community to grow alongside the organization. Danfoss India CSR Strategy is fully in line with all the applicable global, regional and local statutory requirements. Our efforts in integrating CSR with business to ensure corporate citizenship & sustainability, social responsibility, compliance, workplace/product/ environment safety, supply chain management, etc. has been detailed earlier...

DDS India participates in IndiaPlast- A global gathering of all things Plastic!

Danfoss demonstrated three different products at the exhibition. • Integrated Motion Controller- The Danfoss Drives Integrated Motion Controller (IMC) is functionality configurable in the software of the VLT® Automation Drive FC 302 that enables an AC drive to perform high-precision positioning and synchronization operations without the need for additional modules or hardware. • Motor Independence - A future proof solution, motor-independent drives can deliver an optimal performance of any motor

The Danfoss Digital Transformation Journey Champions

The digitalization journey started with the first pilot project in India for filter drier production. The team involved an external vendor, who helped in exploring and implementing different functionalities, that can benefit our productions. Traditionally, many activities are performed manually on the shop floor, that includes hourly registrations, data points of equipment efficiency and others, which are manually noted down by operators on paper, and later transferred to excel or stored as phys